10 Warning Signs to Look for Before Signing

warningThe most common rental agreement rentals in Sudbury is a one year lease, and if things go wrong (we hope they don’t!) you will likely be able to get out if you are not liable. Although removing yourself from a terrible living situation is good, it does not mitigate all the hardship that led up to your decision. Though many of us put up with the slight annoyances that go along with living in close proximity to roommates and neighbours, there are some red flags to look out for that can save you time, money, and headaches.




It is SO important to bring up any issues and concerns BEFORE you sign a lease, often times the excitement of a new place that may seem perfect, blinds us from seeing potential warning signs.Adrienne Breaux from Apartment Therapy outlines 10 Renting Warning Signs, that many of us wouldn’t consider offhand while at a viewing.

  1. Is everything (fridge/air conditioning/windows/locks/doors/toilets/shower) functioning? And if it’s not, is the land lord willing to fix before you move in?

  2. Bug evidence of any kind If you’re looking at a place to rent and you see any evidence of bugs or rodents (sightings, bodies or droppings), head to the hills. If they can’t keep it clean for people looking at a place, imagine how many more you’ll have when you move all your stuff in there and start living.

  3. What neighbors the apartment? Is it just neighbors? Or would you be living above a basement where workers might make noise all day? Or next to a laundry room that seems quiet now but might get loud at odd hours?

  4. How’s that water heater looking? Does it look like it was made in 1822? Hot water is pretty vital, don’t you think?

  5. Missing/too old/not working smoke detectors That just makes us feel like a landlord doesn’t care about a tenent’s safety

  6. Condition of Carpet Just gross

  7. What’s around the apartment? Drive around the area at all hours of the day and especially at night to see how safe it really is. Bus stops or roads with a lot of traffic might be something to run away from, too, if they’re near enough to your potential apartment to cause a lot of noise.

  8. The smell of smoke in the hallway/around the building If you don’t like cigarette smoke in your apartment, investigate if it looks like any neighbors are smokers…unless you want to have close your windows all the time.

  9. Where/how the trash and communal laundry is kept It can tell a lot about how the apartments are taken care of and what kind of neighbors you’d be living next to!

  10. Mold, moisture, ceiling stains This seems pretty obvious, but again, remember to look for it.

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