What to Look for When Hiring a Moving Company

The transition into a new apartment is always an exciting time: a new space to make your own, new neighbourhood, neighbours… and a chance to start anew! One of the great challenges, following the challenge of finding a great new space, is moving your things! Many of us have great support networks and can lean on others to help us with their time, effort, and trucks, but too often, we just don’t have time. Moving companies are great at providing efficient and timely transport of your household contents. How do you choose the right company to trust with your precious stuffs? How much should you prepare? How much should you spend?

The Canadian Renters Association has some great resources for people on the move and useful advice on hiring a moving company. In this article the CRA asks moving company manager Dan Hopkins how to get the best value from a company:

Question: What can people do to minimize the costs of moving when hiring a professional mover?

Dan: Professional Moving Companies provide customers quotations based on the estimated time to complete the move. Some companies like TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® – The Movers Who Care® provide free in-home consultations with written estimates and only charge for the time dedicated to completing your move regardless what the quotation indicate, so if the move goes faster than the estimated time, you only pay for the time the movers are dedicated to your move. Ask your moving company if they have a similar policy and if they do, here are some tips you can use to reduce the time and cost of your move:


  1. Disassemble any furniture not being used in advance of your move day so the movers don’t dedicated valuable time taking things apart.
  2. De–clutter and donate any unused furniture, clothing etc prior to your moving day to make it easier and faster for the movers to move your belongings out of your old home and into your new home.
  3. Begin packing early so you don’t get rushed approaching moving day and find yourself holding up the movers as you pack the last 25 boxes. If possible, move your pre-packed boxes to an area close to the front door to make it faster for the movers to load the packed boxes onto the moving truck. You can also store you packed boxes out of the way in the garage.
  4. If you are closing on the purchase of a home on the same day you are moving, make sure you have a confirmed time you will be receiving the keys to your new home. It can get expensive having the movers wait until your new home closes and you receive the key.”

We are lucky to have many large and small moving companies options that serve the Greater Sudbury Area. From two guys and a truck to chain operations, there are lots of options available to save you time and stress!

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