Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Apartment Dwelling Moms!

Every year we struggle to find gifts for our mothers that will adequately display our affection and appreciation while bringing joy and have some sort of usefulness (I’m sure we’ve all experienced the gift-that-never-ever-returns-and-is-seen-again situation). Instead of buying a trinket or flowers that, though beautiful, will be tossed away, try something that will add value to mom’s apartment space.

Vertical Garden

Mom loves to garden , but  doesn’t have access to outdoor garden space? Bring the garden inside with these vertical gardens!












Modular Shelving

Ikea is a great place to start looking for space saving furniture solutions!














Storage Ottomans

Again, saving space while looking trendy, these storage ottomans from Bed, Bath & Beyond offer stylish storage options!













French Press

Does she love fresh coffee? The french press is a space saving  and delicious alternative to a counter top coffee maker!











A Night Out!

How about getting mom out of her apartment and treat her to a night on the town with her friends! There is so much to do around Sudbury and so many great restaurants! Check out to see what’s happening!









Happy Mother’s Day!


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